Kang-Ju Tsao

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The femtocell base station is a low power and low cost small base station in the customer premise. It connects to the core network via cable, DSL or similar backhaul technology. In this paper, we focus on how received signal quality can be improved by deploying femtocell base stations in a WiMAX system. We propose a suburban femtocell model to analyze the(More)
This paper presents a visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme for general access structures by using random grids. Compared to the existing VSS schemes for general access structures, the proposed scheme generates the shares of same size as that of the original secret image and does not require any codebook prior to encryption process. With these advantages, the(More)
In this paper, we study how the downlink received signal quality and throughput will be affected by deploying the Open Subscriber Group (OSG) Femtocell [1] using Location-Dependent Power Setting (LDPS) scheme with spectrum allocation (1,3,3) in the next generation mobile network. The LDPS scheme aims to use a suitable power for femtocell base station to(More)
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