Kang-Jee Go

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BACKGROUND Although neutrophils and T cells are important in mediating renal injury following ischaemia/reperfusion, the role of macrophages is still unknown. Using liposomal clodronate (LC), we investigated the effect of systemic monocyte-macrophage depletion on renal damage in ischaemic acute renal failure in rats. METHODS Male Sprague-Dawley rats were(More)
Neurotropin, a non-protein extract from the inflamed skin of rabbits inoculated with vaccinia virus, has been clinically used as an analgesic drug in Japan. Its analgesic effect has been demonstrated by reduced mechano-nociception in hyperalgesic rats exposed to SART-stress (a repeated cold stress) for 5 days. In order to clarify the mechanism of the(More)
We stated that SART-stressed guinea pigs showing nasal mucosal hypersensitivity would serve as an animal model for the in vivo evaluation of antiallergic drugs. In the present study, the mode of action of Neurotropin on nasal allergy compared with those of antiallergic drugs was studied by using SART-stressed guinea pigs. Daily administrations of(More)
In order to confirm the mechanism of nasal secretion mediated via a nerve reflex in guinea pigs, the secretory response from the contralateral side was studied which was induced by local application of various stimulators. There was no difference in the nasal secretion between the contralateral and the stimulated sides when the secretion was induced by(More)
In guinea pigs actively sensitized with ovalbumin, we have observed that nasal hyperreactivity and hypersensitivity to methacholine causes nasal secretion accompanied by an increase in the density of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (m-ACh.R) following the appearance of nasal symptoms induced by the ovalbumin challenge. Therefore in the present(More)
In rats repeatedly cold-stressed by specific alternation of rhythm in environmental temperature (SART-stressed rats), the contractile response to acetylcholine (ACh) of the isolated duodenum was remarkably decreased, whereas the contractile responses to K+, Ba2+ and Ca2+ were comparable to those in non-stressed rats. The amount of [3H]quinuclidinyl(More)
The effect of Neurotropin on osteoarthritis was investigated in comparison with those of prednisolone and indomethacin. 1) There were remarkable decreases in the staining intensity to safranin-O and in the contents of uronic acid, total hexosamine and hexose in the articular cartilage of rabbits in which experimental osteoarthritis was induced by the(More)