Kang Hyun Cho

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Gene flow from genetically modified (GM) crops to non-GM cultivars or weedy relatives may lead to the development of more aggressive weeds. We quantified the amount of gene flow from herbicide-tolerant GM rice (Protox GM, derived from the cultivar Dongjin) to three cultivars (Dongjin, Aranghyangchal and Hwaseong) and a weedy rice line. Gene flow frequency(More)
As part of an on-going effort to conserve endangered and endemicScrophularia takesimensis (Scrophulariaceae), we analyzed its spatial distribution patterns by applying an index of dispersion, plant-to-all-plant distances, and the varying quadrat size method. Three indices — Dispersion, Morisita, and Standardized Morisita — all revealed clumping with small(More)
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