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A New Centralized Link Scheduling for 6TiSCH Wireless Industrial Networks
This paper presents a new Centralized Link Scheduling (CLS) algorithm for operation in 6TiSCH networks. Expand
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Enhanced time-slotted channel hopping scheduling with quick setup time for industrial Internet of Things networks
We propose a quick setup scheduling scheme with minimum control messages, which is suitable for an industrial Internet of Things network. Expand
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Fabrication of metrology test structures for future technology nodes using high-resolution variable-shaped e-beam direct write
Electron beam direct write (EBDW) can be utilized for developing metrology methods for future technology nodes. Due to its advantage of high resolution and flexibility combined with suitableExpand
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Influence of high-energy electron irradiation on ultra-low-k characteristics and transistor performance
While significant resources are invested in bringing EUV lithography to the market, multi electron beam direct patterning is still being considered as an alternative or complementary approach forExpand
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Estimate of Passive Time Reversal Communication Performance in Shallow Water
Time reversal processes have been used to improve communication performance in the severe underwater communication environment characterized by significant multipath channels by reducing inter-symbolExpand
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Verification of E-Beam direct write integration into 28nm BEOL SRAM technology
Electron beam direct write lithography offers the advantages for low-volume semiconductor manufacturing, rapid prototyping or design verification due to its high flexibility without the need of costly masks. Expand
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Line end shortening and application of novel correction algorithms in e-beam direct write
For the manufacturing of semiconductor technologies following the ITRS roadmap, we will face the nodes well below 32nm half pitch in the next 2~3 years. Despite being able to achieve the requiredExpand
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Comparison of underwater communication performances in two shallow-water sites with different sediment types located off the coast of Korea
Shallow water waveguide characterized by multipath channel produces a significant delay spreading of transmitted signals, which is referred to as inter symbol interference (ISI). Since the ISIExpand
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Integration of e-beam direct write in BEOL processes of 28nm SRAM technology node using mix and match
Many efforts were spent in the development of EUV technologies, but from a customer point of view EUV is still behind expectations. In parallel since years maskless lithography is included in theExpand
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Underwater Acoustic Communication Using Vector Sensor in KOREX-17
Underwater acoustic communication using a vector sensor using block-based time reversal technique using the vector sensor . Expand