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Recent years have witnessed the development of Cloud Computing. The management of images is a big problem in virtualized environment because there are quantities of Virtual Machine images being stored in a Cloud and most of them are outdated. How to detect the outdated images and patch them efficiently? In this paper, we present a prototype called OPS-(More)
According to the disadvantages of large mean square error???MSE???and slow convergence rate of constant modulus algorithm (CMA), a fractionally spaced combining with spatial diversity blind equalization algorithm based on wavelet transformation (WT-FS-SDE-CMA) was proposed. In this proposed algorithm, spatial diversity technique was applied to blind(More)
An active frequency selective surface (AFSS) with switch function is proposed in this paper. Double coupled metallic meandered structures on one layer substrate loaded PIN diodes and biasing lines are designed carefully to realize four switchable states (2-bit): both TE polarization & TM polarization band-pass filter for code 00; TE band-pass filter for(More)
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