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In this paper, we describe the Beatsens Team solution of Emotion in Music task in MediaEval benchmarking campaign 2014. We extracted and designed several sets of features and used continuous conditional random field(CCRF) for dynamic emotion characterization task. The best runs for Pearson correlation are 0.23 ± 0.56 and 0.12 ± 0.55 of valence and arousal(More)
Previous researches have shown some approaches on hardware phase detection. In this work, we propose a new framework based on Xilinx Virtex-6 platform for the implementation of task-optimized coarse-grained reconfiguration that can be reconfigured to adapt to the applications' behavior. We use MicroBlaze as a general-purpose processor and a ρ-VEX VLIW(More)
We participate in all two types of known-item search task of TRECVID 2012: automatic search and interactive search. This paper presents our approaches and results. We adopt three kinds of text information, which are XML documents, ASR and OCR. And we index and search the three kinds of pre-processed text individually with Lucene. In addition, the results(More)
Distributed video sensors usually use fairly low-resolution images due to the limited transmission bandwidth in transmitting images. It is potential to enhance the captured low-resolution images using image resolution enhancement technique that is able to produce a high-resolution image from its low-resolution counterpart. The key challenge of image(More)
This paper focuses on cover song identification over a large-scale dataset. Identifying all covers of a query song from music collection is a challenging task since covers vary in multiple aspects, such as tempo, key, and structure. For the large-scale dataset, cover song identification is more challenging and few works have been published. Previous works(More)
In this paper, we suggest an adaptive watermarking method to improve both transparence and robustness of quantization index modulation (QIM) scheme. Instead of a fixed quantization step size, we apply a step size adapted to image content in each 8times8 block to make a balance of the robustness extraction and the transparence of embedding. The modified(More)
This paper addresses the rate maintenance requirement of video watermarking and proposes a differential energy watermarking (DEM) scheme. We embed a watermark bit by shifting the energy difference between horizontal edge components and the vertical ones in a quantized luminance block within a quantization cell, and spread the slight shift over coefficients(More)
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