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The Sin Nombre virus (SNV) is the etiologic agent of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in humans but does not cause disease in chronically infected deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus), the natural host. In this study, murine antiserum raised against recombinant SNV nucleocapsid protein was utilized to localize viral antigen immunohistochemically in tissues from(More)
The Task Force on Organ Transplantation (DHHS,1986) addressed the issue of increasing organ donation. The Report of the Task Force recommended that "educational efforts aimed at increasing organ donation among minority populations be developed and implemented, so that the donor population will more closely reflect the ethnicity of potential transplant(More)
Telephone care is a flourishing subspecialty of nursing requiring adaptations of bedside nursing skills and expertise in communication and telephone competencies. Telephone health care is more than "just answering the phone," even for the most experienced nurse. Knowledge of the unique skills, techniques, protocols, and legal considerations is essential in(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES This article considers evidence regarding lay involvement in the NHS, following the White Paper's commitment to rebuild public confidence in an NHS 'accountable to patients and open to the public and shaped by their views'. It looks at two aspects of lay involvement: the lay board member's involvement in primary care group (PCG)(More)
This study evaluated the effectiveness of a 2-day, simulation-based orientation for baccalaureate nursing students preparing to begin their first clinical experience. Students were recruited for participation in the study from a clinical foundation course. Actors (standardized patients) provided students with the chance to engage with simulated real(More)
Teenage pregnancy rates are very high in the United States compared to other developed countries. Unintended pregnancies are viewed as instrumental in the evolution of serious health problems and intractable social problems. Public health experts are hoping that the bleak future of increased teenage pregnancies can be turned around with directed social(More)
In a complex health care environment, nursing and health care professional graduates should be able to understand and collaboratively advocate for health policy benefitting patients, families, and communities. This study explored the effectiveness of interprofessional team-based learning to improve political astuteness in undergraduate health profession(More)