Kandice R Johnson

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Tumors are stiffer than normal tissue, and tumors have altered integrins. Because integrins are mechanotransducers that regulate cell fate, we asked whether tissue stiffness could promote malignant behavior by modulating integrins. We found that tumors are rigid because they have a stiff stroma and elevated Rho-dependent cytoskeletal tension that drives(More)
Tissue morphogenesis and homeostasis are dependent on a complex dialogue between multiple cell types and chemical and physical cues in the surrounding microenvironment. The emergence of engineered three-dimensional (3D) tissue constructs and the development of tractable methods to recapitulate the native tissue microenvironment ex vivo has led to a deeper(More)
The main pathological features of multiple sclerosis, demyelination and axonal transection, are considered to cause reversible and irreversible neurological deficits, respectively. This study aimed to separately analyze the effects of these pathological hallmarks on neuronal gene expression in experimental paradigms. The pontocerebellar pathway was targeted(More)
Coronary heart disease is currently the leading killer in the western world. Therapeutic angiogenic agents are currently being examined for treatment of this disease. We have recently demonstrated the effective use of Pleiotrophin (PTN) as a therapeutic agent for treatment of ischemic myocardium. We have also shown that injection of the biopolymer fibrin(More)
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