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We study a model of two-dimensional step flow where the velocity of a step depends predominantly on the width of the terrace remaining behind it. While the uniform step train is unstable towards step bunching, the bunches themselves are unstable and tend to debunch. This leads to patterns where slow moving fairly straight bunches coexist with fast, strongly(More)
Isolated diatomic molecules of iodine monochloride (ICl) were photodissociated by a beam of linearly polarized light, and the resulting ground-state Cl atom photofragments were detected by a method that is sensitive to the handedness (helicity) of the electronic angular momentum. It was found that this helicity oscillates between "topspin" and "backspin" as(More)
We propose a physical model which explains the existence of finite thickness wetting layers in epitaxially strained films. The finite wetting layer is shown to be stable due to the variation of the nonlinear elastic free energy with film thickness. We show that anisotropic surface tension gives rise to a metastable enlarged wetting layer. The perturbation(More)