Kandavalli Sridevi

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Mangrove sediments host rich assemblages of microorganisms, predominantly mixed bacterial cultures, which can be efficiently used for biohydrogen production through anaerobic dark fermentation. The influence of process parameters such as effect of initial glucose concentration, initial medium pH, and trace metal (Fe(2+)) concentration was investigated in(More)
The effect of initial glucose concentration, initial pH and nickel nanoparticles concentration on biohydrogen production was experimented at mesophilic temperature (30-35 °C) using anaerobic microflora in batch tests. It revealed that yield of biohydrogen using nickel nanoparticles with an average size of 13.64 nm was higher than the corresponding control(More)
In a hybrid upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (HUASB) reactor, biodegradation in association with biohydrogen production was studied using distillery wastewater as substrate. The experiments were carried out at ambient temperature (34±1°C) and acidophilic pH of 6.5 with constant hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 24h at various organic loading rates (OLRs)(More)
Sequences with good correlation properties are in general required in various applications such as radar, sonar, spread spectrum and multiple access communication. The optimal sequences are the ones whose peak sidelobe of the aperiodic autocorrelation function is the minimum possible for a given sequence length. A chaotic sequence that provides auto and(More)
Shape equations for phospholipid vesicles including a spherical actin cortex are derived<lb>in 2 and 3 spatial dimensions. They arise from the condition of stationarity of the membrane free<lb>energy at fixed area and volume'. Numerical solutions are presented in the 2 dimensional case, while, in<lb>the more involved context of 3 dimensional shapes, the(More)
A laboratory scale anaerobic sludge blanket filter (ASBF) was operated for 217 days in two phases to investigate the effect of substrate concentration (2.53 – 13 g glucose/L) and hydraulic retention time (6 – 30 h HRT) at mesophilic temperature (32 ± 2 ̊C) and constant pH 5.5 for hydrogen production. At the optimized condition of 11 g glucose/L at 24 h HRT,(More)
Biodegradation of distillery wastewater is dependent on initial pH. In this present research, the effect of initial pH from 5.0 to 6.5 on biodegradation of distillery wastewater using anaerobic mixed consortia by batch process was investigated. The parameters like chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), final(More)
Pulse compression is a technique that plays an important role in various fields like radar, sonar and spread spectrum communication to achieve the high transmit energy of a long pulse while preserving the range resolution of a short pulse. In this paper a new method of design of mismatched filter to minimize the Peak sidelobe ratio (PSLR) in the pulse(More)
Drug information service gains its importance as the development of new drugs and new diseases rising in no time and on other side the limited availability of health care resources to provide factual information in handling the new diseases and drugs. The aim of this study is to provide relevant information to the queries and evaluate the quality of the(More)
The management of solid waste disposal had been a perennial problem every where in our country. In order to overcome this problem one possible solution is to compost the solid waste in the presence of air, so that it may be converted into an useful manure. With this intention, solid wastes like coir waste and water hyacinth had been collected and composted(More)