Kandasamy Ramamurthi

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Metal organic materials are widely investigated to find their suitability for nonlinear optical applications due to the advantage of combined organic and inorganic properties. In this work benzimidazole based metal organic thin films of dichlorobis (1H-Benzimidazole) Co(II) and dichlorobis (1H-Benzimidazole) Cu(II) were deposited by chemical bath deposition(More)
Single crystals of gamma-glycine were grown from a mixture of glycine, water and lithium bromide. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the growth of gamma-glycine phase. Presence of various functional groups of gamma-glycine was identified by FTIR spectrum. Optical absorbance spectrum recorded in the wavelength range of UV-vis-NIR revealed(More)
In the title compound, C(13)H(10)BrNO, the benzene ring planes are inclined at an angle of 48.85 (17)°, resulting in a nonplanar mol-ecule. A characteristic of aromatic Schiff bases with N-aryl substituents is that the terminal phenyl rings are twisted relative to the HC=N plane. In this case, the HC=N unit makes dihedral angles of 11.1 (4) and 38.5 (3)°(More)
Single crystals of the organic NLO material, benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone (BTSC) monohydrate, were grown by slow evaporation method. Solubility of BTSC monohydrate was determined in ethanol at different temperatures. The grown crystals were characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis to determine the cell parameters and by FT-IR technique(More)
In the present work, pure and metal substituted L-Prolinium trichloroacetate (LPTCA) single crystals were grown by slow evaporation method. The grown crystals were subjected to single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD), powder X-ray diffraction, FTIR, UV-Visible-NIR, hardness, photoluminescence and dielectric studies. The dopant concentration in the crystals(More)
Glycine picrate (GP), an organic material, was synthesized and successfully grown by solution growth method. Cell parameters of the grown crystals were obtained from the single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis and the presence of functional groups was identified by FTIR study. Its optical properties were examined by UV-vis-NIR analysis, which shows that(More)
An organic nonlinear optical material, 4-chloro-4'dimethylamino-benzylidene aniline (CDMABA), was synthesized by the condensation of the p-chloroaniline and p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde. Solubility of CDMABA was determined in acetone at different temperatures. Single crystals were grown by the solvent evaporation method from acetone solution at room(More)
Synthesis, growth, X-ray crystal structure and characterization of a novel third order nonlinear optical material, 4-methoxy-4'-dimethylamino-benzylidene aniline (MDMABA), are reported for the first time. The asymmetric unit of MDMABA compound contains two crystallographically independent molecules (A and B), and they exist in the E-configuration. The(More)
l-Proline lithium bromide monohydrate (LPLBM), a promising semiorganic nonlinear optical material, was synthesized and single crystals of LPLBM were grown from solution by slow evaporation technique. Single crystal X-ray structure solution reveals that the grown crystal belongs to monoclinic system with space group P21. Presence of various functional groups(More)
The organic nonlinear optical material of 4-bromo-4'chloro benzylidene aniline (BCBA) was synthesized and single crystal of BCBA was grown from acetone solution by solvent evaporation method at room temperature. Its three dimensional structure was elucidated from single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis at 173 K. Synthesized compound of BCBA was subjected(More)