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The Indo-gangetic plains (IGP) in India occupies 13 % of the total geographical area and produces 50 % of total food grain to feed 40 % population of the country. Dynamic CO2FIX model v3.1 has been used to assess the baseline (2011) carbon and to estimate the carbon sequestration potential (CSP) of agroforestry systems (AFS) for a simulation period of 30(More)
I. INTRODUCTION The photovoltaic system shows non-linear current-voltage and power-voltage characteristics that continuously varies with temperature and irradiance. The continuously varying maximum power point of the solar array is tracked using MPPT (maximum power point tracking) control technique. This can be easily understood by Voltage-Current(More)
Materials used in the exterior of buildings and in construction are routinely exposed to solar UV radiation. Especially in the case of wood and plastic building materials, the service life is determined by their weather-induced deterioration. Any further increase in ground-level solar UV radiation, UV-B radiation in particular, will therefore reduce the(More)
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