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As wireless networks have been increasingly deployed, the need of quality measurement became essential since network operators want to control their network resources while maintaining user satisfaction. More importantly, measurement of technical parameters fails to give an account of the user experience, what could be named QoE (Quality of Experience).(More)
Widespread use of wireless networks nowadays raises many challenging issues to be explored. With increasing of multimedia traffic, quality of experience (QoE) needs to be satisfied at users while overall performance needs to be maintained at networks. In order to achieve these goals, the use of network selection mechanism is inevitable. When several access(More)
Deployment of next-generation networks (i.e. 4G) begins to spread throughout the world. Today's emerging multimedia application has many requirements in terms of quality of service and users always want to be best connected anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. To satisfy these demands, a variety of access technologies has become available: WiFi (Wireless(More)
—The deployment of real-time and multimedia applications over Wireless LAN has gained a growing interest in this last decade. These applications, e.g. video streaming, require tight guarantee on Quality of Service (QoS). Also, they use multicast communication in order to reduce the bandwidth consumption. However, in WLAN, multicast packets are sent with the(More)
With widespread use of multimedia communication, quality of experience (QoE) progressively becomes an important factor in networking today. Besides, multimedia applications can be supported under various technologies, including wired and wireless networks. Among them, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is one of the most(More)
Deployment of next-generation network (4G) begins to spread throughout the world. With variety of network technologies and QoS restrictions on emerging applications; it becomes difficult for a user to select the best access network to request for connection. Even though many schemes have been proposed in the literature but very few of them take into account(More)
Today's services in home networks are no longer limited to basic applications such as email or file transfer but also include multimedia delivery for supporting home entertainment. In addition, wireless network is wide spreading in home as users become mobile and now expect to run their applications in wireless environment the same way they do over wired(More)