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—The deployment of real-time and multimedia applications over Wireless LAN has gained a growing interest in this last decade. These applications, e.g. video streaming, require tight guarantee on Quality of Service (QoS). Also, they use multicast communication in order to reduce the bandwidth consumption. However, in WLAN, multicast packets are sent with the(More)
Today's services in home networks are no longer limited to basic applications such as email or file transfer but also include multimedia delivery for supporting home entertainment. In addition, wireless network is wide spreading in home as users become mobile and now expect to run their applications in wireless environment the same way they do over wired(More)
Deployment of next-generation networks (i.e. 4G) begins to spread throughout the world. Today's emerging multimedia application has many requirements in terms of quality of service and users always want to be best connected anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. To satisfy these demands, a variety of access technologies has become available: WiFi (Wireless(More)