Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew

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With the Semantic Web data standards defined, more applications demand inference engines in providing support for intelligent processing of the Semantic Web data. Rule-based inference engines or rule-based reasoners are used in many domains such as supporting clinical decision support system, e-commerce recommender system, access control mechanism. In order(More)
This paper reviews existing systems and describes a design of RDF database system that uses NoSQL database to store the data which aims to enhance performance of the Semantic Web applications. RDF data is a standard of data in the form of Subject-Predicate-Object called Triples and stored in database called Triple Store. Typically RDF database system uses(More)
Rule management system was developed in order to provide a facility for domain experts to pass on their knowledge in rule-based format, by means of ontology concepts. Experts can utilize this system via web application, developed by deploying JSP and servlet technology. The web application contains the internal functions for dealing with ontology, database(More)
SDS-PAGE is a common method in biochemistry, forensics, etc. to separate protein molecule in polyacrylamide gel. There are many tools used to analyze the gel image but most are costly and require a trained session. Smartphones have been integrated into education in aiding students to learn with visuals and friendly learning tools. This paper proposes a(More)
Facebook has become a major communication channel for internet users. Unfortunately, with its great popularity and a great number of users, spams are also increasing. A number of Facebook services do not require spam detection, whereas the group usage does. Group users are generally those who are interested in the same topics or purposes. Members usually(More)
With the advent of comparative genomics, an increasing amount of genomic data from different organisms is to be compared. This paper presents an approach to integrate bioinformatics data from various source databases using web services and a private registry. The goal is to construct an efficient framework that correctly integrates genomic databases via web(More)
Nowadays, Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging services. A user may follow many people who may post a 140 character status (tweet) often. Thus, if the user does not continuously read tweets, users may find an excessive number of unread tweets. Such incident causes a burden on the user to find the relevant tweet. It is one of the reasons why(More)
Social media has become influential and affects large public perception. Anyone can post and share messages on social networking sites. However, not all posts are trustworthy. Many online messages contain misleading or false information. There has been an extensive research to assess the credibility of social media data. Previous studies evaluate all online(More)
Word segmentation is an important task in natural language processing, especially for languages without word boundaries, such as Thai language. Many Thai word segmentation programs have been developed. Researchers and developers in Thai documents usually spend a tremendous amount of time in studying and trying different Thai word segmentation programs. This(More)