Kanchana Thirumoorthy

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The primary requirements of a successful Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) security architecture are confidentiality, integrity and authentication. User authentication is essential for customized services and privileged access control in wireless sensor network. These sensors will have limited processing power, storage, bandwidth and limited communication(More)
Clinical documents from electronic patient record system has rich data which addresses the details about patient's disease, injuries, medication response. Patient's data in the clinical documents are clustered into groups based on conditions (symptoms names) and medical response (medication/drug names). The documents with patients who are affected with(More)
We report cyclosporine-induced chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a 38year old man who underwent cadaveric orthotopic heart transplant done 13 years ago. He was on triple immuno-suppression including micro-emulsion form of cyclosporine (neoral) with monitoring of his blood cyclosporine levels and serum creatinine. We discuss the pathophysiological mechanisms(More)
We propose a novel idea for the preparation of slides automatically from the documents which reduce the time consumption and efforts of the presenter. The proposed method uses Support Vector Regression to predict the importance of the sentences and Integer Linear Programming is used for maximizing the importance of the key phrases. Key phrases are used as(More)
This work presents power generation using Attic type (internally braced) air exhauster to generate the electrical power for industrial application. Generally power can be generated from renewable and non-renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, coal, natural gas and petroleum. To satisfy the growing power demand the industry focuses on(More)
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