Kanchan Marcus

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AIMS To assess the occurrence of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) in Swedish car mechanics, and the relation between HAVS and duration of exposure. METHODS A total of 806 mechanics answered a questionnaire on vascular and neurological symptoms, and exposure to vibrations. Mechanics with symptoms, and some mechanics without symptoms, were invited to a(More)
The effect of labels on recognition and identification of odors over time was assessed. 30 men and 30 women were presented 20 odors; half of the participants were also told a name for the odor as a label. Five min. and 60 min. later, all participants were given 20 odors (10 from the original set, 10 new) and asked whether each odor was new or old (odor(More)
BACKGROUND The Philippines continues to overproduce nurses for export. Little first-hand evidence exists from leading organisations in the Philippines concerning their experiences and perceptions in relation to Filipino nurse migration. What are their views about health workforce migration? This paper addresses this research gap by providing a source(More)
We used the open-chest, anesthetized dog to investigate the possible influence of blood PCO2 on alpha-adrenergic constriction (ansa subclavia stimulation) of previously dilated (adenosine infusion into the left anterior descendens LAD) coronary vessels. During hypercapnia, LAD flow was increased to a significantly greater degree by adenosine than during(More)
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