Kanchan Kapoor

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Brains were obtained from 1000 medicolegal autopsy subjects of varying ages. The circle of Wills was examined at the base of the brain. The cerebral vessels were observed with regards to their origin, caliber and typical configuration. Variations were noted and grouped into different categories. Out of 1000 specimens examined, 452 (45.2%) conformed to the(More)
Transpedicular stabilization of subaxial cervical spine is a very delicate procedure that requires thorough understanding of the pedicle anatomy to minimize the rate of neurovascular complications. The current study was conducted to investigate the morphometric details including dimensions and axis of typical cervical vertebrae (C3–C6) for transpedicular(More)
A total of 260 male subjects between 1 and 80 years of age of north-west region of India were studied with regard to morphometry of the ear lobule. The purpose of the present study was to obtain average values and range of measurements of several parameters of the ear lobule and the differences between right and left lobules. Female subjects were excluded(More)
In recent years interest in the anatomy of corpus callosum (CC) has led to a number of studies on morphometric analysis of CC, either in vivo on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or on preserved (formalinfixed) cadaveric brain specimens. There are very few reports comparing the values obtained by both these methodologies, and to the authors' knowledge no(More)
AIM The detection of foetal urinary abnormalities in the antenatal period will help in an adequate post natal management and it will also have a bearing on the decision of the termination of the pregnancy. The purpose of the present study was to detect urinary anomalies in the antenatal period by doing autopsies of the aborted foetuses. SETTINGS AND(More)
Traumatic spondyloptosis is defined as greater than 100% of traumatic subluxation of one vertebral body in the coronal or sagittal plane which usually causes the complete transaction of spinal cord. It is a rare but severe injury of the vertebral column. We present four unusual cases of traumatic spondyloptosis causing complete spinal cord transaction,(More)
Better knowledge of unexpected fetal loss is the promise for better parental counseling and for prevention of recurrences. Fetal autopsy can provide a clue to ascertain cause of death in these cases. Variations in the incidence can be attributed to multiple factors. The present study was carried out to help us to develop a database concerning number of(More)
Atherosclerosis has been described as the most common cause of renal artery stenosis. The purpose of this autopsy study was to assess the preponderance and severity of atherosclerotic changes in renal artery in different age groups in normal population. Ninety renal arteries from 45 cadavers above 30 years of age were obtained at autopsy. Fifty-four renal(More)
The aim of the current study was to observe the expression of cytokeratins in human fetal thymuses. Specific cytokeratin markers in adult humans and mice have been well described but there has been little similar work on human fetuses. We also aimed to see whether progenitor stem cells that could be harvested to treat various immunodeficiency disorders are(More)