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Promoter methylation profiling of 30 genes in human malignant melanoma
These profiles showed that both aberrant methylation and demethylation occur widely in human melanomas. Expand
Silencing of Peroxiredoxin 2 and aberrant methylation of 33 CpG islands in putative promoter regions in human malignant melanomas.
A genome-wide search using methylation-sensitive representational difference analysis found CGIs in putative promoter regions of 34 genes, and among these genes, Peroxiredoxin 2 (PRDX2) was expressed in normal melanocytes, and its expression was lost in melanomas with methylation. Expand
Silencing of tissue factor pathway inhibitor‐2 gene in malignant melanomas
The results showed that TFPI‐2 is silenced in human malignant melanomas by methylation of its promoter CGI and suggested that its silencing is involved in melanoma metastasis. Expand
4,8-Sphingadienine and 4-hydroxy-8-sphingenine activate ceramide production in the skin
Analysis of the lipids within the 3-dimensional human skin model indicated that treatment with d18:2 and t18:1 not only upregulated gene expression but also increased ceramide production, whereas glucosylceramide and 4-sphingenine could not. Expand
Substrate-selective dehydrocondensation at the interface of micelles and emulsions of common surfactants.
It is successfully showed that a remarkable rate acceleration for the reaction of aliphatic carboxylic acids and amines by 1,3,5-triazine-based amphiphilic dehydrocondensing agents occurred up to 2000 times faster in micelles than in a normal homogeneous molecular dispersion phase. Expand
A case of xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group C.
29歳男子。10歳頃より日光裸露部に小色素斑が多発。11歳時, 右鼻翼に基底細胞上皮腫, 25歳時, 左角膜に扁平上皮癌を生じた。基底細胞上皮腫は局所再発傾向が強く, 難治であつた。神経症状は認めなかつた。患者由来培養皮膚線維芽細胞は10J/m2の紫外線誘発不定期DNA合成(unscheduled DNA synthesis, 以下UDS)が正常人の45%と低下しており,Expand
Effects of nefiracetam on cerebral adenylyl cyclase activity in rats with microsphere embolism-induced memory dysfunction.
Results suggest that nefiracetam-mediated activation of AC activity may contribute to the improvement of memory and learning function in sustained cerebral ischemia. Expand
Examination of clinical effect of hydrochloric acid benidipine on Raynaud phenomenon in patient of systemic scleroderma.
It’s time to dust off the sledgehammers and start cleaning up after yourselves. Expand
Malignant Melanomas CpG Islands in Putative Promoter Regions in Human and Aberrant Methylation of 33 Peroxiredoxin 2 Silencing of Updated
Aberrant methylation of promoter CpG islands (CGI) is involved in silencing of tumor suppressor genes and is also a potential cancer biomarker. Here, to identify CGIs aberrantly methylated in humanExpand