Kanako Fukumoto

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The synthesis, structure, and solid-state emission of vaulted trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)platinum(II) complexes are described. A series of polymethylene (1: n=8; 2: n=9; 3: n=10; 4: n=11; 5: n=12; 6: n=13) and polyoxyethylene (7: m=2; 8: m=3; 9: m=4) vaulted complexes (R=H (a), 3-MeO (b), 4-MeO (c), 5-MeO (d), 6-MeO (e), 4-CF3O (f), 5-CF3O (g)) was(More)
The synthesis, structure, and solid-state emission of vaulted trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)platinum(ii) complexes 1-3 with halogen functionalities are described and compared with the non-substituted analogues. Chloro-substitution provided an improvement of the low emission properties of short-vaulted, non-substituted complexes 1 and 2 in the crystalline(More)
The participation of neighbouring nitrogen lone pairs in the chromogenic control of trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)Pt(ii) platforms was examined, using newly designed Pt analogues bearing salicylaldehyde hydrazone ligands. A series of non-vaulted and vaulted Pt complexes (1-5) with salicylaldehyde hydrazones as trans-coordinated bidentate ligands were(More)
Unprecedented strong phosphorescent emission in the crystalline state is observed for a variety of vaulted trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)platinum(II) complexes which are newly synthesized as a third coordination mode of well-studied bis(salicylaldiminato) complexes. This Communication describes the dynamic photophysical properties of these complexes in the(More)
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