Kanahya Lal Dhar

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This study is based on the synthesis of a series of combretastatin analogs with different substitutions on one aryl moiety and a carboxylic group in connecting chain. Cis-configuration with respect to aryl groups was established by X-ray crystal analysis. All the synthesized compounds were evaluated for anticancer activity against a panel of cell lines. Six(More)
Vasicine is a pyrralazoquinazoline monobasic alkaloid obtained from the Plant Adhatoda vasica. In the present paper, the experiment were carried out to synthesis the various analogs of Vasicine, where the five membered ring C, was converted to seven membered ring, thus producing 7,8,9,10-Tetrahydroazepino[2,1-b] quinazolin-12(6H)one (RLX), was reported to(More)
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