Kanagaraj Mohana Priya

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Plant products may be alternative sources of parasitic control agents, since they constitute a rich source of bioactive compounds that are eco-friendly and nontoxic products. The plant extracts are good and safe alternatives due to their low toxicity to mammals and easy biodegradability. In the present study, fruit peel aqueous extract of Annona squamosa(More)
In this paper, Support Vector Machine (SVM) method has been employed to perform classification of brain tumor images into their types and grades. Mainly the focus is on four brain tumor types-Normal, Glioma, Meningioma, Metastasis and the four grades of Astrocytomas, which is a common type of Glioma. This work experimented the SVM classifier using different(More)
Enhancement of speech signal degraded by several types of noise is a topic of interest for last many years. The main aim of speech enhancement algorithm is to improve the quality and/or intelligibility of the noisy speech signals by using various techniques and algorithms. Among the all available methods, the spectral subtraction algorithm is the one of the(More)
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