Kanagalu Manoj

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With the trend of cellular providers shifting to higher frequencies, there is an increasing migration to smaller cells that is further driven by the growing demand for wireless Internet service. This obviously calls for higher resolution Radio Frequency (RF) validation and prediction. Yet, to our knowledge, there has been no study as to what resolution is(More)
Leafcutter bees collect leaf discs to encase brood cells. However, our understanding of their use of plants as nesting resources, which is critical for their conservation, is poor. We followed plants and observed bees cutting leaves to understand the leaf and plant traits of the leaf forage plants of Megachile spp. We studied whether the leaf size explains(More)
BACKGROUND Assess prevalence and severity of malocclus ion in 12 - 16 year old population of Travancore using IOTN index. Tertiary care setting, with the study being conducted in the Dept of Orthodontics at PMS Dental College & the samples being collected from four different dental health care centres. Study design is descriptive study. MATERIALS AND(More)
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