Kana Teramoto

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A 29 year-old woman with a tumor of the pancreatic tail was referred to our institute. The tumor was confirmed to be a solitary benign insulinoma that protruded from the pancreas and was distant from the main pancreatic duct. A laparoscopic enucleation was performed with Laparoscopic Coagulating Shears (LCS). The postoperative course was uneventful. The(More)
Small cell esophageal carcinoma is a type of small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (SCNEC). SCNEC follows an aggressive clinical course and has a poor prognosis despite multidisciplinary therapies. A standard therapeutic strategy, including surgery, radiation and first-/second-line chemotherapy, has not yet been established for SCNEC. We present a case of(More)
With the results of VS test (%) we were able to classify patients into three groups as follows: Group I, hyper range of visual suppression, VS (%) = 100-90; Group II, normal range of VS (%) = 89-45; Group III, reduced or abolished range of VS (%) = less than 44. The results with VS test using post-rotatory nystagmus (PRN) were in Group I 58 cases, in Group(More)
The visual suppression test is one method for examining the function of visual fixation and visual influence on vestibular nystagmus. In this study the visual suppression test using post-rotatory nystagmus was investigated in 65 normal subjects and 142 clinical cases with cerebellar lesions. In 65 normal subjects the mean +/- standard deviation of visual(More)
As a general trend, the diagnosis in medical clinics often depends on laboratory test results. Neurotological diagnosis, however, requires detailed neurological examinations on a patient by a neurotologist. Therefore, there are differing diagnostic skills among physicians, and there is a kind of "man-made flavor" in neurotological diagnostic procedure. In(More)
Although the diagnosis of acoustic neuroma as classically described is generally thought to be easy, this is not always true for this so-called "ear tumor" which is localized within the internal auditory meatus. Recently, remarkable progress has been made in the diagnostic instrumentation and operative techniques used to treat acoustic neuroma, emphasizing(More)
A 62-year-old man with advanced gastric cancer was admitted with a swelling of the left scrotum. He had undergone subtotal and total gastrectomies 10 and 5 years earlier, respectively. A hard mass was palpated along the left spermatic cord associated with hydrocele testis. A left high orhiectomy was performed. Multiple small nodules were noted on the(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging features were assessed in a benign Brenner tumor with an ipsilateral simple cyst. Brenner tumor showed isointensity to the uterine muscle on T1-weighted images and markedly low signal intensity on T2-weighted images. On the other hand, on T1-weighted images after administration of gadopentetate dimeglumine a Brenner tumor showed(More)
Before considering the surgical treatment of patients with Ménière disease who would resist to various conservative therapies, including oral drug therapy, the author experimented the inner ear anesthetic therapy or the middle ear infusion therapy with a steroid solution, and each therapeutic result was compared. The results were as follows: 1) The(More)
The existence of optokinetic after-nystagmus (OKAN) has long been known, as far back as the age of Bárány. The term OKAN means nystagmus appearing after first inducing optokinetic nystagmus, and then the optokinetic stimulation is removed. It appears easily with the eyes open in a dark place. There have been various theories about the mechanism of the onset(More)