Kana Nishijima

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Time-lapse imaging analysis was previously used to show that spontaneous proteolysis of PrP(C), which is fluorescence-labeled at both NH(2)- and COOH-termini, occurred in mouse neuroblastoma neuro2a (N2a) cells susceptible to PrP(Sc). We demonstrated that, unlike other protease inhibitors, a calpain inhibitor, calpastatin, drastically inhibited(More)
C l i n M e d International Library Citation: Miyashita K, Suzuki M, Nishijima K, Hachiya N (2014) D-Leucine Suppresses Prion Formation in Prion-Infected Culture Cells. Int J Neurol Neurother 1:011 Received: September 20, 2014: Accepted: November 20, 2014: Published: November 24, 2014 Copyright: © 2014 Miyashita K. This is an open-access article distributed(More)
Engagement of membrane Ig (mIg) on WEHI-231 murine B lymphoma cells, a cell line model representative of primary immature B cells, results in growth arrest and subsequent apoptosis. Of the several dozen genes upregulated greater than two-fold by anti-IgM treatment through DNA microarray analysis, we focused on B cell translocation gene 1 (Btg1) and Btg2,(More)
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