Kana Kurita

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Wnt5a-Ror2 signaling has been shown to play important roles in promoting aggressiveness of various cancer cells in a cell-autonomous manner. However, little is known about its function in cancer-associated stromal cells, including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Thus, we examined the role of Wnt5a-Ror2 signaling in bone marrow-derived MSCs in regulating(More)
OBJECTIVE A 3-dimensional alginate bead culturing method using rabbit articular chondrocytes was studied for the screening of the effectiveness of drugs for articular diseases. DESIGN The beads cultured with IL-1β, TGF-β, and Hyaluronan (HA) were evaluated histochemically with Alecian blue and immunohistochemically with CS-56 antibody. Chondrocytes in(More)
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