Kana Akimoto

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A 71-year-old man underwent a total gastrectomy. An epidural catheter was inserted before the induction of general anesthesia. Blood was withdrawn from an epidural catheter inserted at T8-9 interspace with a median approach. The epidural catheter was then reinserted in T8-9 interspace with a paramedian approach and neither blood nor cerebrospinal fluid was(More)
To examine a relation of angles among the coronal, sagittal and lambdoid sutures to the size of the calvaria as well as to the remains of the metopic suture, 158 adult Japanese calvae or calottes were observed. The calvae used consisted of four groups: group M composed of 74 male calvae without the metopic suture; group F, of 41 female calvae without the(More)
A rare case of partial absence of the left pericardium was reported. The patient was a seventy-nine year old male and the cause of death was a gastric cancer. The pericardial absence was oval in shape, in egg-size with smooth margin and was located between the superior portion of the left pericardium and the pleural cavity. The pulmonary artery, left(More)
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