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The explosive growth in wireless networks over the last few years resembles the rapid growth of the Internet within the last decade. During the beginning of the commercialization of the Internet, organizations and individuals connected without concern for the security of their system or network. Over time, it became apparent that some form of security was(More)
Delegation of rights is a common practice in the real world. Proxy signature schemes have been invented to delegate signing capability eeciently and transparently. In this paper, we present a new nonrepudiable proxy signature scheme. Nonrepudiation means the signature signers, both original and proxy signers, cannot falsely deny later that he generated a(More)
This paper presents a paradigm shift from conventional authenticationof a principal's identityto authentication of parameters that characterise a principal's context. Location, in particular, is a highly significant contextual parameter. It is one that features in what are known as mobile, ubiquitous, pervasive and nomadic computing systems. We present a(More)
BACKGROUND On May 12, 2008, a destructive earthquake registering 8.0 on the Richter scale struck Sichuan Province, southwest China. Beichuan County was the epicenter which was one of the areas nearly completely destroyed by the earthquake. In Beichuan, about 15000 people died and 3000 people were missing. Specially, the earthquake took 1587 students' and(More)
In this work, we aim to reduce the computational costs of using public-key digital signatures in securing routing protocols. Two protocols (COSP and IOSP) using one-time digital signatures are introduced to provide the functionality of public-key digital signatures. Our protocols are intended to be used in place of public-key digital signatures for signing(More)
Electric bikes and regular bicycles play an important role in the urban transportation system of China. Red-light running is a type of highly dangerous behavior of two-wheeled riders. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the rate, associated factors, and behavior characteristics of two-wheelers' red-light running in China. A field observational(More)
We present an infrastructure for flexible and secure access to a group of distributed services in a nomadic computing environment, wherein users access local services from their mobile, wirelessly connected devices. We describe a secure hand-off' protocol, which allows a user to register with a single service that hands off' authorization to access a subset(More)
The visual search paradigm has been widely used to study the mechanisms underlying visual attention, and search asymmetry provides a source of insight into preattentive visual features. In the current study, we tested visual search with biological-motion stimuli that were spatially scrambled or that represented feet only and found that observers were more(More)