Kan Yu

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The major advantages with Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (IWSNs) in process automation are cable cost reduction, enhanced flexibility and enabling new emerging applications such as wireless control. However, transmission over the wireless channel is prone to noise and interference which causes packets to be erroneous received at the receiver node. To(More)
—In this work we propose an Adaptive Forward Error Correction (AFEC) algorithm for best effort Wireless Sensor Networks. The switching model is described in terms of a finite-state Markov model and it is based on the channel behavior, observed via Packet Delivery Ratio in the recent past. We compare the performance of AFEC with static FEC, as well as(More)
Increasing evidence has been accumulated for the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy in relieving pain. However, there are limited data on regulation of protein expression after electroacupuncture (EA) intervention. Thus, the present study is designed to determine changes in protein expression following EA stimulation in rats with sciatic nerve chronic(More)
In the design of infrared detectors, nano films are more and more frequently used to improve infrared absorption and mechanical sensitivity. In this paper, a Titanium nitride (TiN x) film was studied theoretically and experimentally as an infrared enhanced absorption layer. The TiN x films at two different thicknesses and in three different content ratios(More)
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