Kan Xu

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Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a serious neurotrauma that can lead to life-long disability; to date, no suitable therapeutic strategy exists. Axons do not regenerate after SCI in adult mammals and loss of skeletal muscle mass occurs very rapidly after SCI. Promotion of neurite growth through improving the extracellular environment allows only a limited degree(More)
While the citation context of a reference may provide detailed and direct information about the nature of a citation, few studies have specifically addressed the role of this information in retrieving relevant documents from the literature primarily due to the lack of full text databases. In this paper, we design a retrieval system based on full texts in(More)
In this paper, we use query-level regression as the loss function. The regression loss function has been used in pointwise methods, however pointwise methods ignore the query boundaries and treat the data equally across queries, and thus the effectiveness is limited. We show that regression is an effective loss function for learning to rank when used in(More)
A proper understanding of how complex networks grow is important to get insights into the network structure, make predictions of future growth, and enable simulation of large networks. In this paper, we focus on social networks and try to understand, capture and predict dynamic behaviors on social networks. How social networks evolve, i.e. how individuals(More)
The treatment of aneurysms associated with moyamoya disease (MMD) is difficult for neurosurgeons, and little is known of strategy options. This report constitutes a comprehensive review of the literature. We summarize the known treatments and their clinical outcomes according to the site of the aneurysm: in major arteries, peripheral arteries, moyamoya(More)
The large amounts of publicly available bibliographic repositories on the web provide us great opportunities to study the scientific behaviors of scholars. This paper aims to study the way we collaborate, model the dynamics of collaborations and predict future collaborations among authors. We investigate the collaborations in three disciplines including(More)
Lateral ventricular meningiomas presenting with primary intraventricular hemorrhage are extremely uncommon. We report here a case of primary intraventricular hemorrhage attributable to a lateral ventricular meningioma. This case concerns a 46-year-old female patient who presented with sudden onset of headache. Computed tomography (CT), computed tomography(More)
We report a case of successful endovascular treatment of bilateral carotid artery occlusion with concurrent basilar apex aneurysm. An elderly female patient with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) onset was admitted to the hospital. Computed tomography (CT) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) confirmed the presence of bilateral carotid artery occlusion(More)
Moyamoya disease (MMD) can be associated with an aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation (AVM). However, no case of MMD simultaneously associated with both intracranial aneurysm and AVM has been previously reported. The present study reports the case of a patient with MMD simultaneously associated with both aneurysm and AVM. The patient was a 46-year-old(More)