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OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that a meta-analysis of existing studies may help to reveal significant changes on diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in patients with glaucoma. Therefore, a meta-analysis was utilized to investigate the possibility that DTI can detect white matter damage in patients with glaucoma. METHODS The study design and report adhered to the(More)
Batching plays an important role in performance evaluation of manufacturing systems. Three types of batching are commonly seen: transfer batches, parallel batches and serial batches. To model the batching behavior correctly, a comprehensive classification of batching is proposed. Eight types of batching behavior are classified and corresponding queueing(More)
Tooth segmentation has an important role in computer-aided orthodontics. However, fine segmentation results remain difficult to obtain because of various tooth shapes, complex tooth arrangements, and especially, tooth-crowding problems. Most published approaches or commercial solutions in this area are either interaction-intensive or inaccurate, and thus,(More)
Performance evaluation plays a key role in manufacturing system design and productivity improvement. Characterizing performance objectively is the first step. Inspired by the underlying structure of tandem queues, we have derived an approximate model to characterize the system performance. The model decomposes system queue time and variability into(More)
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Queueing theory is a well-known method for evaluating the performance of manufacturing systems. When we want to analyze the performance of a single machine, M/M/1 queues or approximations of G/G/1 queues often are considered a proper choice. However, due to the complex nature of interruptions in manufacturing, the appropriate model should be selected(More)
Changeover setups are induced by switching manufacturing processes among products. They commonly exist in flexible manufacturing systems. Modeling their queue time impact correctly is of fundamental importance in evaluating the performance of production systems. In this paper, the mean queue time approximation models are proposed based on the properties of(More)