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The use of the expansion of lithium-ion cells for mechanical actuation has been recently reported by Chin et. al. (1). Under a stress of 10 MPa, actuating strains of up to 1.5% were achieved. Taking into account the cells approximate elastic modulus, this strain corresponds to a mechanical energy density ten times higher than that of current piezoelectric(More)
Mapping B0-field and shim functions spatially is a crucial step in the gradient shimming. The conventional estimation method used in the phase difference imaging technique takes no account for noise and T2(∗) effects, and is prone to create noisy and distorted field maps. This paper describes a new gradient shimming based on the regularized estimation for(More)
Most existing gradient shimming methods for NMR spectrometers estimate field maps that resolve B0 inhomogeneity spatially from dual gradient-echo (GRE) images acquired at different echo times. However, the distortions induced by B0 inhomogeneity that always exists in the GRE images can result in estimated field maps that are distorted in both geometry and(More)
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