Kan Nagata

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We isolated the human C-type natriuretic peptide gene and identified the peptide in the brain. The human C-type natriuretic peptide gene appeared to be composed of at least two exons and one intron. In the 5'-flanking region, there is an array of cis elements (an inverted CCAAT box, two GC boxes, and a cyclic AMP response element-like sequence) that is not(More)
A case with prolonged bacterial infection accompanied by an abnormal serum protein which migrated in the post-gamma region on electrophoresis is presented. The abnormal protein was identified as IgG with gamma-type light chain moiety. The patient suffered from prolonged pneumonia and cholecystitis, Bone marrow aspiration and skeletal x-rays did not indicate(More)
Patients with severe Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS) associated with vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency (TD) show enduring impairment of memory formation. The mechanisms of memory impairment induced by TD remain unknown. Here, we show that hippocampal degeneration is a potential microendophenotype (an endophenotype of brain disease at the cellular and(More)
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