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Anisotropic simplicial meshes are triangulations with elements elongated along prescribed directions. Anisotropic meshes have been shown well suited for interpolation of functions or solving PDEs. They can also significantly enhance the accuracy of a surface representation. Given a surface <i>S</i> endowed with a metric tensor field, we propose a new(More)
In most realtime applications such as 3D games, in order to reduce the complexity of the scene being rendered, objects are often made by simple and large primitives. Thus, the phenomenon of edge highlighting, which would require chamfering structures made by lots of small patches at the seaming, is absent and is often faked by “highlights” drawn on the(More)
We propose a specialized form of the curved-knot B-spline surface of Hayes [1982] that we call <i>regular curved-knot spline surface</i>. Unlike the original formulation where the knots of the first parametric coordinate can evolve arbitrarily with respect to the second coordinate, our formulation designs the knot functions as special curves that guarantee(More)