Kamuela E. Yong

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The movie Ben-Hur highlights the dynamics of contagion associated with leprosy, a pattern of forced aggregation driven by the emergence of symptoms and the fear of contagion. The 2014 Ebola outbreaks reaffirmed the dynamics of redistribution among symptomatic and asymptomatic or non-infected individuals as a way to avoid contagion. In this manuscript, we(More)
The 21st century has redefined the way we communicate, our concept of individual and group privacy, and the dynamics of acceptable behavioral norms. The messaging dynamics on Twitter, an internet social network, has opened new ways/modes of spreading information. As a result cyberbullying or in general, the spread of offensive messages, is a prevalent(More)
Work with STEM students at MTBI advanced the possibility that quarantine can cause increased levels of Ebola transmission. Since twenty-first-century problems stretch across disciplines, they require interdisciplinary approaches. As Steve Strogatz [1] observes: Cancer will not be cured by biologists working alone. Its solution will require a melding of both(More)
A mathematical model of the interactions between pollinators and their effects on pollination of almonds." PhD ABSTRACT California's almond industry, valued at $2.3 billion per year, depends on the pollinator services of honey bees, although pollination by other insects, mainly solitary wild bees, is being investigated as an alternative because of recent(More)
The rubeola virus, commonly known as measles, is one of the major causes of vaccine-preventable deaths among children worldwide. This is the case despite the fact that an effective vaccine is widely available. Even in developed countries elimination efforts have fallen short as seen by recent outbreaks in Europe, which had over 30,000 cases reported in(More)
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