Kamrul Hasan Talukder

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In this paper, an approach to facilitate the treatment with variabilities in system families is presented by explicitly modelling variants. The proposed method of managing variability consists of a variant part, which models variants and a decision table to depict the customisation decision regarding each variant. We have found that it is easy to implement(More)
— With the increasing growth of technology and the entrance into the digital age, we have to handle a vast amount of information every time which often presents difficulties. So, the digital information must be stored and retrieved in an efficient and effective manner, in order for it to be put to practical use. Wavelets provide a mathematical way of(More)
— The use of discrete wavelet for image compression and a model of the scheme of verification of parallelizing the compression have been presented in this paper. It is well known that wavelet transform is especially useful to transform image. Here we apply it twice: first on rows, second on columns. Upon this, the image matrix is deinterleaved and(More)
Transform (WT) has been proved to be a very useful tool for image processing in the recent years. However, WT is very computationally rigorous process requiring novel and computationally competent method to achieve image compression. The concurrent transformation of the image might be one of the solutions to this problem. In this paper, we investigate and(More)
Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) are an appealing visual formalism mainly used in the early stages of system design to capture the system requirements. However, if we move towards an implementation, an executable specifications related in some fashion to the MSC-based requirements must be obtained. The MSCs can be used effectively to specify the bus protocol(More)