Kamruddin Nur

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Augmented Reality (AR) systems can provide a method for browsing information that is situated in the real-world. We have developed a system that enable the user to browse the objects in the real-world with the help of AR. Our system is an AR application that incorporates information obtained by a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. Our application(More)
In today’s communicative and multimedia computing world, JPEG images play a vast consequential role. The JPEG images have been able to satisfy the users by fulfilling their demand of preserving numerous digital images within considerably less storage space. Although the JPEG standard offers four different sorts of compression mechanism, among them the(More)
RFID can be used to obtain information about objects present in a physical space, including their approximate location. Handheld RFID readers, smart shelves, zenithal antennas, and autonomous robots can obtain additional information with varying time and space resolutions. The authors present a system that projects this information on a panoramic view of a(More)
Lossless image compression techniques are used in digital imaging where large amount of data is to be stored without compromising the image quality. The volume of data that can be compressed using lossless image compression schemes is usually much lesser than that of its lossy compression counterparts. Yet, however, lossless compression algorithms are(More)
E-Banking in www is growing exponentially, but here consumer authentication, credential confidentiality, transaction information integrity are growing concerns. In this research work emphasize the protection of online banking. At first, E-banking is analyzed for all kinds of vulnerabilities and a practical investigation of all type of attacks is carried(More)
Elder adults may have some dependence on performing common activities like zapping on the television through a remote control (i.e. due to possible hand mobility problems). The Internet of Things (IoT), including the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), interconnects devices to provide a higher variety of services. Together, and by applying intelligence(More)
User authentication through password matching is an age-old issue. It has been popularly being used in the computing world for its simplicity, flexibility and remote accessibility. Although people later developed and deployed some other authentication systems like Biometrics Authentication and Token-Based Authentication; despite proving higher degree of(More)
In this paper, we propose an automated urban traffic control system for heavy traffic congestion that will provide the authorities of technologically underdeveloped countries with the facility to monitor, control and maintain the traffic signals in a completely automated manner. In addition, our proposed system clearly improves the existing automated mode(More)