Kamran Zarrineh

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Given a set of memory array faults the problem of computing an optimal march test that detects all speci-ed memory array faults is addressed. In this paper, we propose a novel approach in which every memory array fault is modeled by a set of primitive memory faults. A primitive march test is deened for each primitive memory fault. We show that march tests(More)
This paper describes a technology independent test synthesis framework to enhance the testability of embedded memories, cores and chips using extended LSSD boundary scan methodology. Extended LSSD boundary scan reuses functional storage elements and therefore introduces minimal test logic overhead and delay. Automatic insertion of this DFT methodology is(More)
The design and architecture of a memory test synthesis framework for automatic generation, insertion and veriication of memory BIST units is presented. We use a building block architecture which results in full customization of memory BIST units. The exibility and eeciency of the framework are demonstrated by showing that memory BIST units with diierent(More)