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Let A denote the class of analytic functions f z defined in the unit disc E {z : |z| < 1} and satisfying the conditions f 0 0, f ′ 0 1. Let S denote the subclass of A consisting of univalent functions in E, and let S∗ and C be the subclasses of Swhich contains, respectively, star-like and convex in Bazilevič 1 introduced the class B α, β, h, g as follows.(More)
_This working prototype system can detect handwritten digits from a scanned image of an input form by using Neural network technique. Hand writing recognition and Image detection through this methodology is very fast and effective as compared to old fashioned image pixel comparison methodology, which is comparably slow. In the initial phase for handwritten(More)
A study was performed to assess the decolorization (%) of textile reactive dyes and their biodegradation by Pleurotus ostreatus. Four reactive dyes; Remazol RG, Livafix Red CA, Prucion Navy PXG and Prucian Blue PX5R were studied. After 10 days incubation the maximum decolorization (%) of Livafix Red CA (81.01±2.10%) was observed at temperature 30°C and pH(More)
Carotid-internal jugular venous fistula is one of the rarest presentations among victims of bomb blast injuries. Treatment of such fistula is open surgery with high mortality and morbidity. Endovascular treatment with covered stent seems to have an optimal result with low complications. We present a case report of a bomb blast victim having carotid-jugular(More)
Most crops face pest situations where more than one insect pest become economic pest and require mixture of insecticide application for management. Presently two pyrethroids and three new chemistry insecticides in mixtures at their lethal concentrations were tested against second instar larvae of Spodoptera litura, under laboratory conditions using leaf dip(More)
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