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With only access billing no longer ensuring profits, an ISP's growth now relies on rolling out new and differentiated services. However, ISPs currently do not have a well-defined architecture for rapid, cost-effective, and scalable dissemination of new services. We present iSDF, a new SDN-enabled framework that can meet an ISP's service delivery constraints(More)
OBJECTIVE To find an easy tool to detect dyshormonogenesis. METHODS In this study, the standard perchlorate discharge test was modified by using a gamma-camera instead of a gamma-probe to detect this rare abnormality. RESULTS By using this technique two cases of dyshormonogenesis were identified. CONCLUSION The gamma-camera-based perchlorate discharge(More)
Approximately 10% of soft tissue sarcomas are synovial sarcomas, and 90% of these occur in the extremities. Among the primary tumors in the heart, 25% are malignant. Primary synovial sarcoma of the heart is an extremely rare entity. A myriad of investigations such as histopathology, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, and molecular genetic techniques(More)
This paper aims to improve the accuracy of port-scan detectors by analyzing traffic of BitTorrent hosts and differentiating their respective BitTorrent connection (attempts) from port-scans. It is shown that by looking at BitTorrent coordination traffic and modelling port-scanning behavior the number of BitTorrent-related false positives can be reduced by(More)
Three cases of imaging with 99mTc-pertechnetate (99mTcO4) and unusual positive lymph node uptake in the neck are reported hereby. Two cases were later diagnosed to be well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma, (DTC) with nodal metastasis. The third was a confirmed case of carcinoma thyroid that had presented with mass in the neck soon after surgery, being(More)
A number of detection and defense mechanisms have emerged in the last decade to tackle the botnet phenomenon. It is important to organize this knowledge to better understand the botnet problem and its solution space. In this paper, we structure existing botnet literature into three comprehensive taxonomies of botnet behavioral features, detection and(More)
Familial dextrocardia with situs solitus is extremely rare entity. Dextrocardia offers a difficult situation to surgeon. A different strategy for cannulation and approach to the left atrium has to be followed. Surgery in such settings has rarely been reported. We present the case of a patient with dextrocardia and situs solitus wherein a left sided approach(More)
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