Kamran Raza

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The JPEG standard (ISO/IEC 10918-1 ITU-T Recommendation T.81) defines compression techniques for image data. As a consequence, it allows to store and transfer image data with considerably reduced demand for storage space and bandwidth. From the four processes provided in the JPEG standard, only one, the baseline process is widely used. In this paper FPGA(More)
Radial basis function neural networks are used in a variety of applications such as pattern recognition, nonlinear identification, control and time series prediction. In this paper, the learning algorithm of radial basis function neural networks is analyzed in a feedback structure. The robustness of the learning algorithm is discussed in the presence of(More)
Accurate identification of network intrusions is one of the biggest challenges of Network Intrusion Detection (NID) systems. In recent years Machine learning classification techniques have been used to precisely identify network intrusion. However, the multi class distribution in network intrusion detection system has found to be highly skewed, leading to(More)
The label advertising behavior of an LDP speaker for a given Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) is governed by the FEC type and not necessarily by the LDP session's negotiated label advertisement mode. This document updates RFC 5036 to make that fact clear. It also updates RFCs 3212, 4447, 5918, 6388, and 7140 by specifying the label advertisement mode for(More)
The main objective of this research is to predict the market performance of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) on day closing using different machine learning techniques. The prediction model uses different attributes as an input and predicts market as Positive & Negative. The attributes used in the model includes Oil rates, Gold & Silver rates, Interest(More)
The "Typed Wildcard Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) Element" defines an extension to the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) that can be used when requesting, withdrawing, or releasing all label bindings for a given FEC Element type is desired. However, a Typed Wildcard FEC Element must be individually defined for each FEC Element type. This specification(More)