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This paper introduces a bluetooth-based e-learning system, which enables mobile learning from anywhere using a variety of devices, including cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. Different from current e-learning systems, which require the access to the Internet or other pre-established networks, the bluetooth-based e-learning system can establish a wireless(More)
Optimal utilization of cluster computing is partly dependent upon pre-emptive process migration. However, this migration involves a host of issues, one of them being the transfer of system-dependent resources. We focus on the overhead incurred by migrated processes using sockets. We then describe a solution that we devised and implemented to avoid this(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this retrospective study was to correlate the significance and accuracy of the colour of nipple discharge and breast ultrasound imaging in the diagnosis of intraductal papilloma. METHODS This is a retrospective study of 34 patients who underwent 36 microdochectomies in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) in the Sultanate of(More)
There are different issues with typing Short Messaging Service (SMS) text in mobiles. Different techniques have been proposed previously that help type faster. We present a new technique for this purpose that uses 'bigram' model developed for Urdu language word prediction. Data structures used are optimized and customized for mobiles phones, considering(More)
Ubiquitous Computing (UC) is an emerging technology of sharing the information by using large collection of computing devices. Sharing of information is in terms of availability of information at every time, every where and in invisible form. In Ubiquitous computing power of desktop paradigm is distributed to every day electronic devices in an invisible(More)
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