Kamran Ghani

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Recently Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) has evolved as a major research field in the software engineering community. SBSE has been applied successfully to many software engineering activities ranging from requirement engineering to software maintenance and quality assessment. One area where SBSE has seen much application is test data generation.(More)
Software specification is an important element of the software development process. However, in most cases the specifications are out-of-date or even missing. One solution for this kind of problem is to use some process that infers the specification automatically. Work by Ernst et al (2000 ; 2002) has shown how specifications can be generated using program(More)
Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) is an evolving field where meta-heuristic techniques are applied to solve many software engineering problems. One area of SBSE, where considerable research is underway, is software testing. We see much application of meta-heuristics search techniques for generating input test data. But most of the work in this area(More)
Search based software testing has emerged in recent years as an important research area within automated software test data generation. The general approach of couching the satisfaction of test goals as numerical optimisation problems has been applied to a variety of problems such as satisfying structural coverage criteria, specification falsification,(More)
Job satisfaction is an important element in the growth of any industry. Much research can be found that relates employees' job satisfaction with various factors. However, software industry in general and Pakistan software industry in particular lacks such research. This research addresses the above mentioned gap. Data was collected from professionals(More)
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