Kamran Entesari

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—In this paper, a CMOS on-chip sensor is presented to detect dielectric constant of organic chemicals. The dielectric constant of these chemicals is measured using the oscillation frequency shift of an LC voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) upon the change of the tank capacitance when exposed to the liquid. To make the system self-sustained, the VCO is(More)
—A low drop-out (LDO) regulator with a feed-forward ripple cancellation (FFRC) technique is proposed in this paper. The FFRC-LDO achieves a high power-supply rejection (PSR) over a wide frequency range. Complete analysis and design steps of the FFRC-LDO are presented in this paper. Kelvin connection is also used to increase the gain–bandwidth of the LDO(More)
—This paper presents a 23–32 GHz wideband BiCMOS low-noise amplifier (LNA). The LNA utilizes coupled-resonators to provide a wideband load. To our knowledge, the proposed LNA achieves the widest bandwidth with minimum power consumption using 0.18 m BiCMOS technology in K-band. Analytical expressions for the wideband input matching, gain, noise figure and(More)
—A highly linear, efficient, two-stage power amplifier for high-data-rate wireless applications is presented. The linearity is greatly improved by adding an auxiliary amplifier to the main bipolar transistor amplifier in a feed-forward approach to cancel out the nonlinearity terms. The efficiency enhancement is achieved using a switchable biasing and a(More)