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Appendicitis within an Amyand's hernia is a rare clinical entity in itself and becomes especially more rare if it occurs in the left inguinal region. We report this rare case of Amyand's hernia where the appendix was found along with gangrenous ceacum during surgery for strangulated left inguinal hernia in an adult, who underwent resection, anastomosis and(More)
Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm of the pancreas is a rare tumor of the pancreas often detected initially on imaging. Of uncertain histogenesis, it has a low-grade malignant potential with excellent post-surgical curative rates and rare metastasis. Despite advances in imaging, pseudocysts and other cystic neoplasms feature in the differential diagnosis.(More)
Spigelian hernias are rare and generally difficult to diagnose because of their location and vague non-specific symptoms. They are situated between the muscular layers of the abdominal wall and can be easily overlooked because of abdominal obesity. The diagnosis has been considerably aided by the introduction of ultrasonography and computed tomography (CT).(More)
Intussusception in adults is a rare cause for intestinal obstruction and is usually secondary to some lesion in the gastrointestinal tract GIT. We report a case of intestinal obstruction due to ileo-colic intussusception; an inflammatory fibroid polyp formed the leading edge of the intussusceptum, which is a rare polypoidal lesion of the GIT.
Breast cancer is the most common cause of metastatic deposits in the skeleton, and bone is the most common site of recurrence of breast cancer. Breast cancer metastasis most commonly affects the spine, ribs, pelvis, and proximal long bones; however, only 3.5% of breast cancer patients develop long-bone metastases. The humerus is the most common(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this retrospective study was to correlate the significance and accuracy of the colour of nipple discharge and breast ultrasound imaging in the diagnosis of intraductal papilloma. METHODS This is a retrospective study of 34 patients who underwent 36 microdochectomies in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) in the Sultanate of(More)
Torsion of an epiploic appendix is a rare surgical entity. Its unusual symptomatology, wide variation in physical findings and the absence of helpful laboratory and radiological studies makes it very difficult to diagnose pre-operatively. This is a report of this rare entity found in a patient upon diagnostic laparoscopy performed for suspected acute(More)
OBJECTIVE To confirm the safety of the advanced trauma life support algorithm by comparing the incidence of pelvic fractures diagnosed by pelvic X-ray and computed tomography and to evaluate the need of pelvic X-ray in the management of haemodynamically stable polytrauma patients in whom computed tomography is deemed necessary. METHODS The prospective(More)
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