Kampadilemba Ouoba

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Over a 10-year period, a series 96 patients were treated for laryngotracheal and bronchial foreign bodies in the ENT department of the Ouagadougou University Hospital Center (Burkina Faso). The purpose of this study was to analyze the epidemioclinical features and therapeutic pitfalls encountered in that series and to propose measures to improve management.(More)
Management of thyroid tumor can be problematic in developing countries due to poor diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. This is true in Burkina Faso where there are no facilities for radioisotope scans and intraoperative biopsy is usually unfeasible due to a shortage of histologists. The purpose of this retrospective analysis of the files of 83 patients(More)
Facial fractures may be associated with concomitant lesions of other parts of body with some of these injuries being life-threatening. This retrospective study reports the types of associated injury and the factors influencing their occurrence, in patients with facial fractures. In 18.2% of 604 patients, one associated injury at least was recorded. The most(More)
INTRODUCTION Noma is a "gangrenous" disease beginning in gums and spreading to other parts of the face. It usually occurs in undernourished children with bad orodental hygiene. Its incidence in adults is increasing. HIV infection is very common in African countries. We had for objective to compare noma characteristics in patients with, or without, HIV. (More)
We report a series of 104 thyroidectomies collected in Surgery and ENT departments of the University Hospital Center (UHC) of Ouagadougou. This study was composed of 85 women (81.73%) and 19 men (18.27%) 8 to 73 years old. 49 unilateral resection and 85 bilateral one were realized. Histopathologic examination has been done for 54 specimen only: 49 benign(More)
BACKGROUND Burkitt lymphoma is frequent a cancer in the developing countries where its treatment is based on non-intensive chemotherapy protocols. The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness and the toxicity of a non-intensive chemotherapy protocol combining cyclophosphamide and methotrexate in children with Burkitt lymphoma of the(More)
The opportinistics complaints of the AIDS occur all along the episode of the infection and depend on the individual's body immunity and on the existence or no of an anti-retroviral treatment. The buccal appearences on the face are relatively frequent. They are dominated by the buccal mycosis, the lymphatic ganglion's complaints, the inflammation of gums and(More)
Les ganglions de la tête et du cou sont parmi les localisations les plus fréquentes de la tuberculose, un problème de santé publique dans le monde. Une étude rétrospective conduite entre 2001 et 2010 rapporte les caractéristiques épidémiologiques et cliniques de l'adénite tuberculeuse de la tête et du cou, au CHU Sanou Souro, au Burkina Faso. Au total, 115(More)
Ethmoido-frontal osteomas, slowly-evolving, benign, bone tumours, are being studied anew, especially from a surgical point of view. Asymptomatic for a long period, they can be detected from bone tumour and ophthalmological manifestations (60% of the cases). An X-ray renders the diagnostic almost certain. ORL access is satisfactory in the great majority of(More)