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The epilepsies are a common, clinically heterogeneous group of disorders defined by recurrent unprovoked seizures. Here we describe identification of the causative gene in autosomal-dominant partial epilepsy with auditory features (ADPEAF, MIM 600512), a rare form of idiopathic lateral temporal lobe epilepsy characterized by partial seizures with auditory(More)
Conditioned fear and anxiety-like behaviors have many similarities at the neuroanatomical and pharmacological levels, but their genetic relationship is less well defined. We used short-term selection for contextual fear conditioning (FC) to produce outbred mouse lines with robust genetic differences in FC. The high and low selected lines showed differences(More)
Differential measurements of elliptic flow (v2) for Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions at sqrt[sNN]=200 GeV are used to test and validate predictions from perfect fluid hydrodynamics for scaling of v2 with eccentricity, system size, and transverse kinetic energy (KE T). For KE T identical with mT-m up to approximately 1 GeV the scaling is compatible with(More)
Psychological tests measuring intelligence, memory and other cognitive functions were given to 26 heavy cannabis users (mean duration of cannabis use 6.76 years; average daily intake 150 mg THC). Compared with a control group, the cannabis users were found to react slowly in perceptuo-motor tasks, but not to differ in intelligence or memory tests. The users(More)
PURPOSE To compare the MR imaging and MR angiographic changes with in vivo proton MR spectroscopic findings and to determine the spectral differences between edema and ischemia in patients with eclampsia. METHODS Spin-echo MR imaging, MR angiography, and single-voxel proton MR spectroscopy were performed in 10 patients with eclampsia. MR studies were(More)
Bipolar affective disorder (BP) is a major neuropsychiatric disorder with high heritability and complex inheritance. Previously reported linkage between BP and DNA markers in the pericentromeric region of chromosome 18, with a parent-of-origin effect (linkage was present in pedigrees with paternal transmission and absent in pedigrees with exclusive maternal(More)
Abrogation of functional p53 is responsible for malignant cell transformation and maintenance of human papilloma virus (HPV)-infected cancer cells. Restoration of p53 has, therefore, been regarded as an important strategy for molecular intervention of HPV-associated malignancies. Here we report that differential regulation of pro- and anti-p53 setups not(More)