Kamlesh Kumar Sahu

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Tomato Genomic Resources Database (TGRD) allows interactive browsing of tomato genes, micro RNAs, simple sequence repeats (SSRs), important quantitative trait loci and Tomato-EXPEN 2000 genetic map altogether or separately along twelve chromosomes of tomato in a single window. The database is created using sequence of the cultivar Heinz 1706. High quality(More)
YopH is a bacterial protein tyrosine phosphatase, which is essential for the viability and pathogenic virulence of the plague-causing Yersinia sp. bacteria. Inactivation of YopH activity would lead to the loss of bacterial pathogenicity. We have studied the inhibitory properties of aurintricarboxylic acid (ATA) against YopH phosphatase and found that at(More)
A variety of topics are reviewed in the area of mathematical and computational modeling in biology, covering the range of scales from populations of organisms to electrons in atoms. The use of maximum entropy as an inference tool in the fields of biology and drug discovery is discussed. Mathematical and computational methods and models in the areas of(More)
In this study we have undertaken the theoretical analysis of the effect of R249S carcinogenic and H168R-R249S suppressor mutation at core domain of the tumor suppressor protein p53, on its natural interaction with DNA using a newly developed method. The results show that the carcinogenic mutation R249S affects the flexibility of L3 loop region in p53,(More)
Yersinia sp. bacteria owe their viability and pathogenic virulence to the YopH factor, which is a highly active bacterial protein tyrosine phosphatase. Inhibition of YopH phosphatase results in the lack of Yersinia sp. pathogenicity. We have previously described that aurintricarboxylic acid inhibits the activity of YopH at nanomolar concentrations and(More)
Dimer formation is likely the first step in the oligomerization of α-synuclein in Lewy bodies. In order to prevent α-synuclein aggregation, knowledge of the atomistic structures of possible α-synuclein dimers and the interaction affinity between the dimer domains is a necessary prerequisite in the process of rational design of dimerization inhibitors. Using(More)
BACKGROUND It is a well-known fact that there is a huge gap between mental health service availability and needs of people in the community. Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) appears as a solution for it. Paripurnata (a non-governmental organization) has been running a CMHP at Habra, West Bengal, India since 2000. Since 2005 a psychiatric out-patient(More)
The mutation of Arginine273 to Histidine in the DNA binding domain of p53 is one of the most common mutations found in human cancer. Though R273H mutation retains wild-type conformation, the sequence-specific DNA binding is impaired and subsequently lack of trans-activation function and the ability to suppress cell growth. CP-31398 can restore DNA binding(More)
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