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Advancement in the area of software engineering, mobile computing together with web technologies have paved way for myriad range of applications, including good quality E-learning software’s, delivering online classes in real time to unlimited number of students across the world, on a personalized E-learning space for every student. These E-learning(More)
This paper presents the application of Hobbs algorithm for pronominal resolution in Hindi. Hobb's algorithm makes use of syntactic information rather than semantic information can thus be used as baseline algorithm. The algorithm has been adapted for Hindi language taking into account the roles of subject, object and its impact on anaphora resolution for(More)
The testing of applications for mobile computing devices is cumbersome due to the bounded computational resources that these devices have and diversity in mobile environments. There are many different types of emulators that have been proposed and used nowadays for this purpose. But these emulators typically cannot emulate: actual network speed and(More)
In today " s era of the ubiquitous computing, the Internet has become the main mode of data communication. Most of the devices used in wireless/mobile environments, that form wireless networks, ad-hoc networks and wireless sensor networks etc., have low computational power, memory and limited battery power. In such a Pervasive Computing environment,(More)
In this paper, we present machine learning approach for the classification indirect anaphora in Hindi corpus. The direct anaphora is able to find the noun phrase antecedent within a sentence or across few sentences. On the other hand indirect anaphora does not have explicit refer-ent in the discourse. We suggest looking for certain patterns following the(More)
In current scenario of software industries, Software effort estimation is very important task for software manager for successful completion of the project. Prediction is always challenging task and in recent days effort estimation take many researcher's attention. Prediction with more accuracy is also an important for prediction models. We use Feed-Forward(More)
Accurate estimation of software development parameters such as effort, cost, and schedule is very important for effectively managing software development projects. Several software development effort estimation models have been developed in the last few decades. Determining, which is the best estimation model is difficult to decide for a software management(More)