Kamleader Singh

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Thiorphan was administered intravenously (i.v.) at 10 mg/kg to conscious rats in two different models of hypertension to allow a comparison of pharmacokinetics. The two models were: 1) Deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt uninephrectomized rats; 2) Spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR), and their respective normotensive controls; 3) Sprague-Dawley (SD)(More)
The pharmacokinetics of 4-ene-valproic acid (4-ene-VPA), a putative hepatotoxic metabolite of the anticonvulsant valproic acid (VPA), were studied in normal and bile-exteriorized rats. A single iv bolus dose of 20 or 100 mg/kg of 4-ene-VPA was administered to each rat. Plasma decline of 4-ene-VPA was apparently monoexponential at the low dose and nonlinear(More)
A pharmacologically active monounsaturated metabolite of valproic acid (VPA), (E)-2-ene VPA, was administered by an intravenous bolus dose of 20 mg/kg to normal and bile-exteriorized rats. The total plasma clearance of (E)-2-ene VPA in normal rats was 4.9 ml/min/kg and in bile-exteriorized rats, 7.7 ml/min/kg. (E)-2-ene was recycled in the plasma of normal(More)
Key words: patellar tendon; bilateral tendon rupture; lems were reported. Her current medications included chronic renal failure; secondary hyperparathyroidism; an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, a long-haemarthrosis acting calcium channel blocker, a centrally acting imidazoline derivative, and famotidine. Ferrous sulfate and subcutaneous(More)
The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of biochemical effect of a selective thromboxane synthase inhibitor, CGS 12970, were studied in healthy male volunteers after a dosing scheme of either 200 mg once daily or 100 mg twice a day for 6 days. The peak plasma concentration appeared 1 to 2 hours after administration, followed by a biexponential decline(More)
Using isolated rat hepatocytes, the in vitro intrinsic hepatic clearance of three drugs, namely, antipyrine (AP), propranolol (P), and CGS 13429 was determined. The hepatic extraction ratios of AP, P, and CGS 13429 were then calculated to be 0.10, 0.90, and 0.88, respectively. To determine the in vivo hepatic extraction ratio in the rat, AP, P, or CGS 13429(More)
A simple, sensitive and specific capillary GCMS assay method is described for the determination of a toxic metabolite of valproic acid, 2-n-propyl-4-pentenoic acid (4-ene-VPA), in rat plasma and urine. The method involves a single extraction of a small volume of plasma or urine with ethyl acetate. Extraction efficiency is virtually 100%. Derivatization with(More)
A 15 year old boy had permanent flexion contractures at proximal interphalangeal joints of the little and ring fingers of both hands, along with slight hemiatrophy of face and bilateral mild ptosis. The hand deformity superficially resembled. Dupuytren's contacture. This combination of features does not fit with the syndromes described so far, whose one of,(More)
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