Kamini Venkatesh

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To improve ATMs’ cash demand forecasts, this paper advocates the prediction of cash demand for groups of ATMs with similar day-of-the week cash demand patterns. We first clustered ATM centers into ATM clusters having similar day-of-the week withdrawal patterns. To retrieve “day-of-the-week” withdrawal seasonality parameters (effect of a Monday, etc) we(More)
The performance of optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm is poor on low resolution scanned text images. The conventional low pass filters in L2 space can slightly improve the performance. The method of enhancement of poor resolution text images using a low pass signal filtering algorithm in the weighted Sobolev space results in high pass correction(More)
In this paper a Fuzzy Logic based load frequency control system (LFC) with Superconductor Magnetic Energy Storage System (SMES) in a multi area electric power system was explained. If a large power imbalance is suddenly happened in a multi area power electric system, generation units and also consumer sides will be affected by the distortion in the energy(More)
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